Darcy Cherry-Evans tea green signature deck

The Darcy Cherry-Evans signature deck by Lucky is based off on the popular Prospect deck, but with a dose of Darcy's dope style. When designing his signature wheels, he really wanted to put some green tea graphics on them in order to make the graphics stand out. The same story goes for this teal-deal deck.

Technical features

  • Made from light, yet durable, extruded aluminum
  • Comes with a fully integrated headset construction
  • Flat sides and bottom for optimal balance on grinds
  • Lucky's flex fender SteelyBrake included
159,00 €
Tilapäisesti loppunut
Toimitusaika 3-10 päivää
Lucky Darcy Cherry-Evans Scootin Dekki

Lucky Darcy Cherry-Evans Scootin Dekki

Dekin leveys: 11.4cm (4.5")

Dekin pituus: 49.5cm (19.5")

Renkaan halkaisija: 110mm

Renkaan keskiön leveys: 24mm

Paino: 1400g

Materiaali: 6061 alumiini

Materiaalin kestävyys: T6

Dekin malli: One-piece

Dropout Muoto: Peg-cut

Concave: Kyllä

Headtuben kulma: 82.5°

Headtuben pituus: 115mm

Headsetin tyyppi: Integroitu 1 1/8"

Dekin holkit: Sisältyy

Jarrutyyppi: Flex Fender

Jarru/Fender: Sisältyy

Jarrun asennuspultti: Sisältyy

Akselin halkaisija: 8mm

Grippi: Sisältyy